Professional photographer, since 1998.
After studying photography in Ar.Co, Lisbon, worked in the Advertising and the Fashion Industry but a watchful eye and an ability to imortalize simple moments quickly led to Editorial photography.
In the finest editorial tradition, likes to capture the essence of the human nature and the different perspectives of life.
Over 15 years of experience across a broad range of contexts, offers a work that is always captivating, that transcends the boundaries between a simple photo and a work of art.

Key strengths include

Innovative and out-of-the-box observer
.Broad skill set, versatile style, highly adaptable to diverse contexts and markets
.Results oriented, 100% committed to the job at hand
.Customer focused and excellent in building relations with clients.

Self-employed professional, with a wide experience in

.Editorial photography (e.g. Corporate,Technical & Lifestyle magazines)
.Photo journalism (Mass Media magazines & Newspapers)
.Documentary photography (Author photography)
.Advertising (e.g. Product photography)
Professional Press Card (# 5849)

Working along with teams that take care of your project from A to Z.
Communication | Design | Make up | Movie

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Photographer Assistant


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